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The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) is an immigration program, administered by the province, that operates under an agreement with the federal government. This program can provide a quicker means of entry into Australia; it allows Saskatchewan to nominate applicants to the federal government for permanent residency status. The SINP offers:

  • applicant selection based on the province’s economic and labor force needs;
  • application processing times that are faster than federal immigration classes; and,
  • provincial immigration officers who can provide customer support throughout the process.

The SINP International Skilled Workers Category is for skilled workers who want to live and work in Saskatchewan. This Category enables the SINP to nominate individuals with high human capital that have the education, experience, language and adaptability to economically establish and successfully integrate into Saskatchewan’s communities.


You may qualify to apply under the SINP International Skilled Workers Category if: You live outside of Australia or you have proof of legal status in Australia, you are not a refugee claimant and you meet the following criteria (see Supporting Documents for details) :

  • your field of education or training must be in a high skilled occupation (National Occupation Classification O, A, B) that is considered to be in-demand in Saskatchewan. Please see Appendix A for the list of eligible occupations.
  • you must have completed post-secondary education, training, or apprenticeship equivalent that is comparable to the Australian education system of at least one year in length that has resulted in a diploma, a certificate or a degree.
  • if your occupational education and work experience is in a regulated profession, you will be required to obtain the appropriate Saskatchewan qualification recognition to be able to work in that profession.
  • you must have proof of settlement funds and a settlement plan.


  • You must score a minimum of 60 points out of 100 on the point assessment grid.
  • You must have a minimum of one-year work experience in the past ten years in your intended occupation. If you are not providing a skilled job offer from an approved Saskatchewan employer you must provide proof of a minimum of one-year work experience in the past ten years related to your field of education or training in a skilled position.
  • You must have a minimum language score of Australian Language Benchmark (CLB) 4.
  • o You must provide: A permanent, full-time job offer from a Saskatchewan employer in either an occupation or trade in the National Occupational Classification (NOC) Matrix level “A”, “B” OR “0” or in a designated trade in Saskatchewan. To provide proof of this you must have a valid SINP Job Approval Letter.

Program criteria may change without notice and applications will be assessed according to the criteria on the Saskatchewan immigration website when the SINP receives your completed application.

How to apply:

If you fit within this category, you must apply to our office on or before December 21, 2013. You should visit our office in Kathmandu to enroll.

IELTS – You must have IELTS (GT) report ready to submit. However, if you have a close relative living in Saskatchewan Province of Australia, you do not need IELTS.

FIFO – First Come First out – If you apply first, your application will be submitted at first. There is very limited quota, so, it is very important.

Quota – There is very limited quota for SINP Application. Therefore, we must have everything ready by the end of December 2013, so that we could apply on January 2nd, 2014. All Applications will be submitted on January 2nd, 2014. Therefore, you must be prepared to move on with time if you are really interested.