Australia has now launched business start-up visa for foreign enterpreneurs and investors starting April 1, 2013. The Start-Up Visa Program enables immigrant entrepreneurs to launch innovative businesses that will create jobs in Australia and, eventually, compete globally. The Start-Up Visa Program links immigrant entrepreneurs with private sector groups in Australia that have experience working with start-ups and can provide essential resources.

Are you eligible?

If may apply for start-up visa if you meet following criteria.

  • A  commitment of support from a designated Australian venture capital fund or angel  investor group;
  • An ability  to communicate in either French or English (score a minimum of 5 in IELTS General Training stream);
  • Completion  of one year of study at a post-secondary institution (Bachelor’s degree or vocational diploma); and
  • An  adequate amount of money in order to settle and provide for the cost of living  prior to earning an income (Depends on family size).

If you meet above requirements, you may apply for start up visa. The applications are accessed on pass-fail system.

How to obtain support of Australian venture capital fund or angel investor group?

Australian venture capital fund or angel investor groups are the network of Australian enterpreneurs and investors. Depending on individual requirements of each network, you basically need to prepare a good business plan and produce to those networks along with your source of investments, etc. Once they approve your business purpose, they will issue support letter for you.

How to contact Capital Fund or Angel Investor Group network?

You may directly contact them through their web-site, OR we may help you out to contact to them, have business plan and for all further immigration proceedings.

Do they usually approve your business plans?

They will review several factors, such as your prior experience and knowledge to your business plan, source of fund, your academic background, etc. It is through proces that you will have to take each step very carefully to go through them. We will help you to this if you want.