Australia FSW Selection Grid (Effective May 4, 2013)

Selection Factors

Points Awarded

Education Points 25
Doctoral level (Ph.D.) 25
Masters or Professional Degree 23
Two or more post-secondary credentials, one of which is a three-year or longer post-secondary credential 22
Three-year or longer post-secondary credential 21
Two-year post-secondary credential 19
One-year post-secondary credential 15
Secondary school 5
Work Experience Points 15
1 yr 9
2–3 yrs 11
4–5 yrs 13
6+ yrs 15
Age Points 12
18 to 35 yrs 12
36 years 11
37 years 10
Less one point per year one point less
46 yrs 1
47 and over 0
Language Points 28
English Language Proficiency 24

IELTS (GT) Score – 6 in each band = 4 points each band totaling to 16

IELTS (GT) Score – 6.5 in each band = 5 points each totaling to 20

IELTS (GT) Score 7 in each band = 7 points each totaling to 24

French Language Proficiency 4
Arranged Employment: 10
In order to receive points for arranged employment, applicants will need to have a LMO from HRSDC, plus an indeterminate job offer. In some cases, applicants will be LMO exempt and will only require the indeterminate job offer. New measures, including introducing a labour market assessment and genuineness elements in the regulations, are expected to increase program integrity, improve labour market responsiveness, and streamline processing for employers. 10
Adaptability 10
Previous work in Australia by Principal Applicant in Occupation 0, A or B (minimum one year) 10
Previous study in Australia (Applicant or Spouse) 5
Arranged Employment 5
Language of Spouse (IELTS Minimum score 4 or more) 5
Relative in Australia 5
Required Passmarks 67

Please note that above selection grid is only proposed to be implemented from January 2013, but it has not become final. The final selection grid will soon be published. This grid has been published for general idea. Please, kindly contact our office in Kathmandu to know more details about it.